The Chinese have for thousands of years recognized this Energy form, which they called Qi (also spelled Ch’I in its simplified form). Qi which means life energy, life force or spiritual energy and it is a fundamental concept of traditional Chinese culture. This Energy is often translated as energy flow or literally as air or breath.
Scalar Energy is created when two common electromagnetic waves come together from two different converging vectors or angles; where the energy vectors meet the equal frequencies cancel each other leaving a standing or stationary energy. The space that this energy occupies is not a vacuum but alive with energies. This energy is known as Scalar Energy. Scalar Energies are always present in the environment.

This amazing discovery announces that the “emptiness” of empty space is in fact not empty, but a great ocean of seething energy!

To harness this energy, we must first induce the creation of this energy and secondly to be able to collect and transport this Scalar Energies to useful “work”.

As Scalar Energies are stationery, they can only be utilized when they are being transported to the location where it is required. This Scalar Energy requires a carrier medium to transport it.

Bio-scalar is the application of scalar energy to life or organic form/material such as the application of scalar energy to fossil fuel likes petrol, diesel, LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas).
E-Power System has developed several devices to create, and transport this free energy source to improve your engine’s performance.

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