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The performance and fuel consumption of the modern day vehicle is achievements to be proud of. The advancement of the ever-increasing technology and know-how has made the modern petrol engines so efficient that there is not much that can be done to increase its efficiency. Manufacturers are producing vehicles that we could not have been able to even imagine in our wildest dreams only a few years back.
However, there are three areas where the modern day engines have yet to overcome.


1. The burn rate of the fuel remains largely the same. About 35% to 40% of the petrol is actually being burned in the combustion chamber to drive the piston of an engine. The remaining 60% to 65% of the petrol are being burned along the exhaust system which includes the exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe and catalytic converter and in some cases left unburned and discharged into the atmosphere. The actual amount of energy produced within the combustion chamber is less than 10% of the fuel’s potential energy.

2. Fuel is wasted during overrun conditions. Overrun conditions occur when the momentum of the vehicle causes the engine to turn faster than it would have been otherwise. The faster turning engine is trying to take in air that corresponds to the speed at which it is turning. The air intake is partially restricted by the throttle valve. This results in a high vacuum build-up in the inlet manifold. Which gives us the “engine breaking” effect that we experience when we lift-off the throttle peddle when slowing down or going down hill.

3. Resistance in the inducted air over the entire RPM range. This causes the engine to expand energy to overcome this inherent weakness in any engine design.



The principles of E-Power System is to improve the performance of vehicles without making alteration to your existing engine layout and to allow restoration to its pre-installation stage after removal of the devices.

E-Power System, believe to be the only after-market system in the world to utilize ultrasonic vibration, corona charging and scalar energy to improve performance of vehicles.

E-Power System consists of 4 primary devices to enhance the burn rate of the fuel and, to reduce the effect of fuel wastages cause by overrun conditions and reduce the resistance of the air induction of the engine. This unique application of E-Power System is designed to improve both the fuel, air intake and ignition system of any engine. The resulting effect is a more dynamic air/ fuel mixture, which is dynamically inducted into the combustion chamber, which gives rise to a more efficient burning of the fuel in the engine’s combustion chamber.


The E-Power System consists of 4 primary devices namely:

1. Ultrasonic Air Charger
2. Fuel Energizer
3. Scalar Fuel Ionize
4. Corona ChargerBenefits of the E-Power System

1. Up to 30% horsepower gain mainly at the lower rev range
2. Up to 30% torque gain mainly at the lower rev range
3. Remove low-end lethargy
4. Remove high-end breathlessness
5. Significant improvement in Fuel savings
6. Improved throttle response
7. Quieter engine
8. Reduced or remove engine flat spot
9. Reduced or eliminate turbo lag
10. Smoother auto gear change
11. Enhanced overtaking power


The resulting effect is a more efficient engine without any modification to your existing engine. E-Power System installation is fully reversible; i.e. The System can easily be removed whenever required and your engine will be back to its original state before the installation of the E-Power System devices. E-Power System can be re-installed on another vehicle thereby making your investments “value for money”.

With a more efficient and healthier engine, you will experience improved economy; gain in power and gain in torque especially below the 3,000 rpm rev range.

Most modern-day automatic vehicles suffers from a lack of torque especially at lower rev due to the engine capacity and the requirement by law for manufactures to adhere to emission standards. With an improvement in torque especially at the low-end, your vehicles will response to every command of your accelerator pedal. Driving your automatic vehicles becomes more enjoyable. E-Power System gives benefit for both “start-stop city” and “highway” driving.


E-Power System will significantly reduce noise and vibration in any engine type. In test conducted by Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) in October 2008 at their Woodlands Depot 7 of their buses have all shown reduction in vibration and noise levels by as much as 11.2 dB.

E-Power System is suitable for use on all engines type that runs on fossil fuel or organic fuel namely:

* 2 and 4 strokes petrol engines
* Diesel engines
* Turbo charged petrol engines
* Turbo charged diesel engines
* liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)
* Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
* Biofuel engines