Corona Charger

corona charger
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The Corona Charger is a very unique device consisting of two very strong opposing charge segments that is designed to draw its energy from the magnetic pulsation created by the ignition system. It is designed to be mounted on fueling system and also on the ignition system.

The Corona Charger, when used on the fueling system must be mounted along the fuel line and must come into contact with the metal portion of the fuel line so that it can draw its energy from the pulsating ignition system. In situations where it is not possible for the Corona Charger to be mounted in contact with any metal portion of the fuel line, a metal wire preferably a solid copper wire may be used to link the Corona Charger with any metal portion of the engine.

The Corona Charger when used together with the Fuel Energizer will create a state of high-energy fuel with enhanced positive charger. This process created by the Corona Charger serves to enhance the energize fuel which has already been enhanced by the Fuel Energizer. When this high-energy fuel leaves the fuel injector, it immediately transforms them into extremely fine fuel vapour “ready for action”.

The Corona Charger, when used on the ignition system, draws its differential energy dynamically from both the active and non-active sparkplug cable to enhance and synchonize the spark quality produce by the sparkplug. More importantly, when the firing sparkplug draws its energy from the passive ignition cable, the non-firing sparkplug now becomes a charger that saturate the combustion chamber creating a negative charge polarity within the non-combusting combustion chamber.

The end result is the more powerful engine piston stroke with about the same amount of fuel consume. This would give a more powerful torque at the start of your car from rest position. This strong initial torque give the feel and comfort that the car load weight is lighter for driving.