Customer References – MRS 2007



A very happy customer I am, since Sept 2010. How selfish we human beings are by keeping the good stuffs to ourselves.Not me. Please be informed that I am a happy customer and wish to share the nformation about my new joy ride everyday. This happened when I browsed the net and saw E-Power. What? Driving a 7.5second 0-100km/hr MRS 2007, I called and had an appointment that lasted minutes to install the first step and, WOW WOW, 6.5second shock!! Decided to add on some magic Stage II Discovery from this man called Mr. Lim, my car is flying smoothly. Kinda exaggerating, but that’s how I feel. Taking long route home because this system does save your petrol too.

Mash Sarpowan
Director of Precision Golf Academy
601 Sin Ming Avenue
#02-02, Singapore 575734
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