Customer References – Mr & Mrs Hezry

From Mr Hasnul Hezry

My wife was complaining about her car due to lack or power and response. She always gets ”horned” at by other motorists because her car lacks the response and acceleration to get her out of those embarrassing situations. On seeing the E-Power advertisement, I decided to give it a try on my wife’s car and hopefully get the “nagging’ out of the way. When the E-Power System was installed on my wife’s car, I could see the smile and joy on her face and I was thinking to myself, if it can do so much for my wife, will it be able to improve my already powerful and economical car. I was really surprised at the improvement to the acceleration and response to my car after installing the E-Power System. I have since enjoy driving my car even more and take every opportunity to “whack” my car. What came to my surprise is that despite the constant whacking” I do not experience any increase in fuel consumption.

You do not know what you are missing till you give it a try.

From Mrs Hasnul Hezry

Initially, I had difficulty picking up speed, and experienced jerky gear changes. But after installing the E-Power System devices, my car’s journey has become smoother, more comfortable and definitely more enjoyable. And surprise surprise, my fuel consumption improved significantly!! My car used to travel about 150km at the half-tank mark before I refill the tank. I am now constantly traveling about 200 odd km at the half-tank mark. I didn’t expect the latter to happen by so much,so soon!! From actually dreading to have passengers in my car, I now love zipping around with my loved ones and friends in my newly improved Peugeot-1007 :). Thanks so very much Mr Lim and E-Power System for making this happen! It has changed the way I drive.