Customer References – Forester Marcus


Had used the E-Power System for my humble 1.4L K12 Nissan March since 2007 and have never looked back!! Initially I was very skeptical that a few small devices could improve performance (even braking power, noise level and ‘feel’)! But once I got Mr. Lim to keep adding over a period of time, my little March could fly on the N-S highway to KL loaded with 4 big sized adults. My March used to have difficulty accelerating from 80 km/h. E-Power System has brought me much Joy and a small “set-back” (cost of the E-Power system Installation). I love to have my car roaring when I accelerate. E-Power System has silenced and smoothen that roar from my humble March. The same system was later transferred to my 2007 Forester and subsequently to my current 2009 2.5 Forester XT. I no longer feel the turbo lag in my car anymore. Its like driving a powerful normal aspirated car. I am still Loving it every minute of my drive every time I drive my car!! Thank you E-Power System and Thank you, Mr. Lim!

Marcus Chan