Customer References – Lancer

“Initially, the words ‘Ultrasonic’, ‘Scalar’ sounded too gimmicky..after all, there are tons of products out there promising power gains, response, fuel saving etc etc, but after seeing comments and testimonials decided to give it a try, after all, Mr Lim told me ‘No good, dun buy!’
I’m very glad i did, because the products did not deliver what it stated. Instead, it surpassed all expectations, made me feel like i had a 2Litre engine installed, and wanting more out of my ride! From a noisy, reluctant Lancer to a refined, powerful, eager to please engine! No regrets, full of surprises, full of fun and I feel that no money can buy that feeling of happiness and euphoria!

Still doubtful? Spend that bit of time to go for a test trial with Mr Lim, instead of looking, searching, finding for another product like E-Power. You will be glad you did!”

Mr. Derek Seah
Senior Technician
Installed E-Power System on June 2009