Customer References – CNG Stream


I am a newly converted adopter of the E-Power System. I came across the system while picking up a copy of REV magazine. All this while I was looking out for a power system that could ramp up the speed of my CNG powered Honda Stream. Looking through the testimonials and the promise of a free trial, I decided to give it a shot. I met up with Mr Lim at my place and he just stuck a few pieces of “rubber” and meshing onto my engine. “Let’s go for a test drive” he says. I was sceptical. What can a few pieces of “rubber” do? Boy was I wrong! The engine seems to breathe new life. My ride was exhilarating! The acceleration was awesome! My foot on the gas pedal was light and I was ahead of the likes of petrol powered cars, good makes at that and of course, even the taxis. Now even climbing hill on CNG is a breeze. Best of all, my fuel consumption has also improve on running on CNG by at least 30km! Truly, the amazing “rubber” does what it claims! Thank you so much Mr Lim. I will be saving to purchase the next set on my petrol engine! I will gladly recommend your wonderful system to my friends! Keep it coming!

K.L Tham
Honda Stream