Customer References – Fit & Kia Rio



In early 2008, before I knew about E-Power System, for many months I’ve been looking for petrol saving devices for my old Kia Rio 1.4L MT. It is well known that this Kia model is reputed to have high consumption of petrol. I’m glad that I came across E-Power System advertisement. I called Mr. Lim for an appointment and from that day on when Mr. Lim fixed the devices I’ve never looked back! I like the response and power of my car. My most excited experience is that I’m able to beat all the Hyundai Sonata taxi in friendly drag at the traffic lights and that the taxis are always way behind me. Driving my Kia Rio 1.4L MT at stage II is just like driving a 2L car. Smooth, responsive, powerful, reduction in engine noise and of course lots of improvement in my fuel consumption and drastic savings in petrol.

Being a E-Power System user for 3 years, I’m still calling Mr. Lim to fix devices on my new car Honda Fit 1.3L AT and with his new 3G devices I must say ‘WOW!’ Together with the 2G devices these new ones are even more powerful hence petrol consumption on my Fit is so much improved on my already economical Fit. The other thing I like about the E-Power System is that it allows me to upgrade the System when my budget permits. So what are you waiting for? The trial is free! Give Mr. Lim a call and like me, I’m still smiling, you won’t regret it for sure! Thank You Mr. Lim for showing me the E-Power System!

Mr. Burhan Bin Saleh
Auxiliary Police Officer
Aetos Security Management Pte Ltd.