Customer References – Axio


“I was very skeptical after reading the advertisement about the E-Power System in Hotstuff magazine and decided to give it a try. Met Mr Lim some time in October 2007 and he fitted 2 black devices into my car. The engine response was unbelievable and my car no more have that lethargic feeling. As I was not prepared to buy, I thank Mr Lim and he politely remove the devices. I had difficulty driving my car as before and was ‘sleepless’ for 2 nights as I was wondering how come my car was so different without the devices.and on the third day after I first met Mr Lim, I gave him a call again this time to have the devices fitted into my car. I have no regret ever since that day and I even went on to install stage II in February 2008 just in time for CNY. What a lovely CNY ‘ang pow’ I gave myself!!”

Mr Andrew Lim
2007 Toyota Axio
Owner of Chilli Buddi Food Manufacturing LLP