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New to this site and esp this thread. E-Power, is a wonderful thing. I drive one of the biggest cars on the road – a Suzuki APV. Anyway, I used to drive a Suzuki Carry Van 970cc which can go past 110km/hr and still hit more than 13-15km/l even with engine oil down lower than the dip stick, but thats another story.

I have just installed Stage 3 hehe. And I tell you all, it never felt lighter to drive. Stage 2 was great already but just like someone said itchy to try next stage. I told Lim that my “horns” are coming out of my head hehe.

Anyway, just wanted to share my feelings here. I’m the one of the users that he put in the User Testimony on Suzuki APV in his page. Man thats the closest I have gotten to Front Page News hehe.

To me the APV is a great BIG super bus, however it would have been better to have it in manual gear. With driving 4 Suzuki Carry experience, I can say that the carry is capable of much more than meets the eye. Too bad it can’t be registered as a car, like the old models. The APV gear ratio is exactly the same as the 5 speed manual gearbox for the carry.

When I first met Lim last month, he told me to save my money in getting a 5 speed manual gearbox from ID and install in my APV. He then showed me why, for $$ less, I can get the E-Power and still use auto gearbox. He was right, and I am thankful for the HotStuff mag I bought that has an ad for the E-Power.

Now Stage 3, woo hoo.

You all who drive the APV or know of someone driving APV, let them know I installed it. If they want to try, email me. We can arrange.

Just to clarify…

I am not working for Lim, nor am I paid to write this, nor am I getting any discount for doing this. I just want to tell people who drive the APV that there is a better solution to gaining power without filling with 98 octane. Oh btw, I only fill my giant with SPC 92.

Additional feedback from user on Tue 15/4/2008 9:03 AM

Here’s a little feedback on my APV…
As you know I have Stage 3 E-Power. Yesterday, after speaking to Lim of E-Power (Inventor) who told me to loosen the Ultrasonic Air-Charger a little and sticking my finger at the hole see if there is suction feeling. I did that and my little drive to work this morning was scarry. It was flying, I was barely tapping the pedal and it was charging forward. Now I have to press brake pedal more to slow down, man scarry boy. I Love it

Daniel Soh