Customer References – Altis 3G


I am a newly converted adopter of the E-PowerSystem as advertised in REV magazine. There are so many raving testimonials and there is a free trial ongoing now so why not give it a go. This is one of the best decision I have ever made.

Met Mr Lim and he installed the Intermediate System to get me initiated. The instant change is incredible as the car became smoother just with 2 devices installed. I went to the main road and he encouraged me to floor my throttle. The car is much quicker to accelerate and I am grinning ear to ear. But this is just the beginning…

Next, he let me try the stage 1 with around 10 items installed. He warned me to be light on the throttle and get used to the power. This might sound exaggerated but his advice is very sound. My car seems to have a new life breathed into it. You will feel the same excitement as though you just received a brand new car. At the same stretch of road where I floored my throttle, my car surged on with gusto like a raging bull. Normally, the RPM will hit 3000 and changed gear slowly as it is programmed to be a comfortable ride. Now it pulled to 4500 and changed gears and swiftly moved to 4500 again. In the end of the test, my adrenaline is rushing and hands trembling. Sounds like I just went through the Battlestar Galactica but even better.
Stage 1 price is pretty steep for me and I was hesitating to commit my hard earned dough. Mr Lim is very patient and he gave me 2 more tests with and without 5 items of Stage 1. The sheer increase in excitement and passion in driving my car has mercilessly kicked my logic away and I am a proud owner of E-PowerSystem Stage 1.

Many people will be skeptical about this unconventional technology and I was too. But once you try it out, you will never turn back. And the amazing part is that Mr Lim invented this system and the current 3G generation is one of his finest. What won me over is that it doesn’t require major changes to your engine and the enhancements are barely noticeable. Best of all, you can transfer them to your next ride easily so your money is well utilized. Icing on the cake will be when you stop at the next traffic light and accelerate past all the “fierce cars” with your seemingly innocent family car. (FYI my ride is a 2008 1.6L Toyota Corolla Altis)

Wesley Sum
Assistant V.P
Barclays Bank